The V Spa & Wellness center is proud to introduce you with the most advanced fitness equipment – Pendex®. Pendex training machines are unique complex of 12 simulators that trains humans better than the human train humans. Analysing exercises, they reveal weak parts of the body and develop individual training programs based on the information they gather during these exercise.

Pendex gym is a blend of software technologies with know-how and techniques of recovery aims to help victims with severe injuries heal the traumas.
Each Pendex machine has advanced sensors that precisely measure the exerciser’s motion and tell the user how to better perform the exercise. All in real time. No human can even begin to approach that.
And, as you’ll see, that’s just the beginning of all that Pendex does to make every Pendex machine the world’s best personal trainer.

1 training


 Expiry period - 14 days from purchase date

4 trainings


Expiry period - 30 days from purchase date

8 trainings


 Expiry period - 60 days from purchase date

12 trainings


 Expiry period - 120 days from purchase date